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Baltimore Personal Injury Settlements

Personal Injury Settlements in MD

At the Baltimore personal injury law firm of the Randolph Rice Injury Attorneys, settlement is an everyday occurrence for their clients. Settlement is the process of resolving a claim without a decision being made by a Judge or jury.

Even though their personal injury lawyers are ready for trial the moment retained by each client. The fact of the matter is most cases settle. Approximately 87% of their personal injury cases settle before trial.

Settlement isn’t something their injury lawyers rush into. Settlement after an accident is a process that takes hours if not days to consider. Settlement with an insurance company or liable party must be calculated and thought through. Because, once a client settles, they are not allowed to go back for future damages or money.

“Settlement must be right for the client and the injuries they sustained and what they’ve had to go through after their accident” – Attorney Randolph Rice

Settlement in Baltimore Accident Case

After a car accident, clients that are injured will be referred to a expert medical professional. Either a hospital or the client’s primary care physician. Determining the injuries sustained after an accident is the firt step to determine how a claim will proceed. Settlement is not considered at this point in the process because the playing field has not become clear. The injury attorneys will evaluate settlement only upon completion of medical treatment or when a doctor or doctors determine that there is no further medical treatment necessary. ¬†Settlements will also be considered when the the client and patient determines a long term care plan.

Settlement is when the insurance company is willing to offer money to resolve the claim without the need for a suit being filed. Settlement may also occur after a lawsuit is filed in an accident case. The insurance company may determine their exposure is too great and they want to cut their loses and limit their financial exposure before the trial.

When Do You Settle After a Car Accident?

Injury victim clients must decide if the amount negotiated for settlement is the right amount of money. The settlement must cover all medical bills and expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Pain and suffering may include both physical and mental anguish suffered after the accident.

Clients are advised to consult with the Randolph Rice injury attorneys before they accept any type of settlement. Their lawyers are familiar with what is fair and what is too little to settle for. This knowledge has been honed for years through bench and jury trials. Seeing what Judges will give a plaintiff and how much a jury will grant to an injury victim with dictate the amounts insurance companies may be willing to settle for.

Baltimore Accident Settlement Lawyer

If you have been hurt in an accident and you are considering a settlement, contact the Randolph Rice Injury Attorneys at 410.844.5333 to schedule a consultation and discuss your best options.

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