The Smart Choice for Maryland Injury Victims



Randolph Rice is one of the finest trial attorneys I have had the pleasure to watch

"Having practiced law in the State of Maryland for approximately 30 years, I have had the opportunity of traveling to Courthouses throughout the state and observing over a thousand attorneys. Because of my experiences in the court, I have been able to discern which lawyers are skilled and which lawyers need to go back to the drawing board. Without a doubt Randolph Rice is one of the finest trial attorneys I have had the pleasure to watch. He is always prepared, he knows the facts and the law and is able to maneuver himself in the courtroom with great technique and skill. If you have an injury matter and are not sure who to call, don' hesitate to call Randolph Rice. His clients seem to be well served and very satisfied when their cases are concluded."


Everything about his practice is professional, yet personal.

"When I had my car accident, I thought I could handle everything on my own. It didn't take long for me to be completely overwhelmed! I contacted Mr. Rice, whom I had used to draw up a will years earlier, and he could not have been more helpful! With Mr. Rice's help, a stressful and painful accident was able to be taken care of quickly and easily. I have recommended Mr. Rice to many of my friends and family. Everything about his practice is professional, yet personal. I really felt like they cared about me and my situation and it helps when you feel like you have someone fighting for you."


My experience with Randolph was a great one!

"He was so helpful from the second I walked into his office. He made sure to answer all of my questions anytime I needed them answered (which was alot!) I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone and everyone I know!"


Amazing lawyer! Really has a profound knowledge and understanding of the law.

"I was confident in knowing I had Randolph Rice by my side throughout everything. He will do everything in his power for the best outcome in your case. I would absolutely recommend to anyone. A++"


Well connected, down to earth, straight forward and is very good at what he does.

"Mr. Rice went above and beyond for me. I recommend him to anyone in need of representation. He kept communications strong and ALWAYS returned my calls. Most importantly he shined in the courtroom for me. My experience with him was great. I was at a point in life where i didnt know what was going to happen, but he came through and i was blown away by my results. Thank you."


At court, Randolph was able to get an outcome better than I had hoped for and I walked away a happy man.

"Mr. Rice is an excellent attorney and adviser throughout all steps of the legal process. From the initial phone call laying out the necessary steps to take, to the heartfelt check-ins, I could not have been more prepared for when the court date came. In hearing other people’s experiences with lawyers who offer a quick consultation and then show up the day of trial and nothing more, I am happy I had Randolph in my corner throughout the whole process to keep me calm and focused, and the eventually follow through with the best possible outcome."


He works both quickly and efficiently.

"I have used Mr. Randolph’s services twice and would rate them as top notch. I can truly say that I would recommend his services for the best outcome under Maryland law."